Sunday, January 11, 2015

Jason Zuccari's Father Funds Bubblews

If you have read the Bubblews Terms of Service, you may have noticed they have a Designated Copyright Agent listed in Fairfax, Virginia. The information is as follows, as taken from the Bubblews website:

Many people have called this number in hopes of reaching someone who can give them information regarding Bubblews staff and/or redemptions. They are met with disappointment, as this number and address belongs to Hamilton Insurance Company, as you can see below.

You may be wondering why Bubblews would direct its users to contact an insurance company with copyright issues. Let us take a deeper look at Hamilton Insurance. This company is owned by Alan Zuccari. The company also employs Jason Zuccari. Surprised? Me either. 

Now, let us take a look at one of the funding sources for Bubblews. Arvind Dixit has made it well known that Bubblews was funded by 2 rather large companies who invested money because they believed in Arvind's vision so much. As you can see, one of these companies is AJZ Capital, LLC, which was founded by none other than Alan Zuccari, owner of Hamilton Insurance and employer of Jason Zuccari. The screenshot below shows when AJZ Capital was founded by Zuccari.

How long will Zuccari's father help Bubblews stay afloat? Has he thrown his hands up at the venture? I suppose only time will tell.


  1. lol Amber... would it be inappropriate for me to say "I love you"? hahhaaha

  2. Oh, wow...part of the great insurance rip-off!