Friday, January 2, 2015

Bubblews Files for Green Card Labor Certifications

After prowling around the internet for a bit, I discovered that Bubblews has a history of filing labor condition applications for H1B visa and labor certifications for green cards from different fiscal years. Here is the link to the Visa Door website where I found this information: Visa Door.

Why hire international help?  There are 3 main reasons. As stated on the Center for Immigration Studies website:
  1. All temporary alien workers are indentured by the terms of admission to the United States, and do not have the ability to fend for themselves as do citizen and green card workers. When is the last time you read about temporary foreign workers forming a union?
  2. Temporary alien workers are, in addition to their indentured status, recruited from among docile, authority-fearing Third World populations and are thus relatively easy to manage. When is the last time you read of massive admissions of temporary workers from lands with strong histories of worker rights, such as Canada, Sweden, or Germany?
  3. Temporary alien workers are often younger than the work force as a whole, and employers can use (and rig) the rules to hire primarily young people via the visa route.
Read the entire article regarding the use of international workers HERE.

There may also be tax breaks for businesses who hire immigrants. A statement from the Small Business Administration website:

There may be tax benefits for your business if you hire individuals who qualify for certain target groups.  The Work Opportunity Tax Credit is a federal tax program that offers incentives to employers who hire individuals from twelve target groups who have consistently faced significant barriers to employment. Refugees or asylees may be included in this group.

The entire article can be viewed HERE.


  1. Not sure what this means, but okay.

  2. I think it also means Davida and Amber that hiring from overseas means cheap labour. William Todd was in contact with a Bubblews Support staff member who I believe worked for Bubblews out of the Philippines.