Friday, January 9, 2015

Bubblews Staff Member Caught Stalking Facebook Groups

I had previously posted about spies on Facebook (read it HERE.) Several members of a Facebook group called 'Bubblers Group' were removed after speaking openly regarding the shady practices of Bubblews, as well as missing redemptions. Somehow, the words being typed in a 'closed' group were being reported back to Bubblews.

When joining a Facebook group, always make sure to check the list of members before posting. You never know who may be repeating your words. For instance, Barret Barnes (Marketing Director for Bubblews and known as &Bear) is a member of the previously mentioned group. These staff members keep quiet in these groups, so you would never know they are there unless you search the member list.

**Update 1/10/2015**
It has come to my attention that Barret Barnes (aka &Bear) is making comments on posts in the above mentioned Facebook group of people who are speaking negatively about Bubblews. Several seconds after Barnes makes his comment, he deletes it. My opinion? He is doing this just to take screenshots to show the other staff that he is 'sticking up' for Bubblews, but doesn't want anyone to take screenshots of what he says. Childish? Yes. Sneaky? Yes. But that is in true Bubblews fashion.


  1. This doesn't really surprise me...which is sad really. I'm still waiting for them to shutdown and see arvind behind bars or in another "dirtier" place. :)

    1. I (and several other people) knew that there was a spy of sorts circulating throughout Facebook groups. It took a little time, but we found one of them. I'm sure there are more.

  2. There is no real privacy on Facebook. They demand real names and contact information!