Friday, January 2, 2015

Arvind Dixit says Bubblew's Money Never Existed

Is Bubblews a scam? Decide for yourself. In his most recent post, Bubblews founder Arvind Dixit states the money earned by writers there never existed. Below is his Bubblews post, which can also be found HERE.

Quote from Arvind Dixit's post- "Our wording was a little obtuse here. The implications obviously weren't clear, so I'll restate this: We reported lots of money that we didn't have. The money that you "earned" never existed. We didn't "steal" it and go on vacations to Aruba or buy motorcycles. It just didn't exist."

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  1. Well, in real life, that's illegal. And we shouldn't really need new legislation to make it illegal in cyberspace too.