Sunday, January 11, 2015

Arvind Dixit Gives Advice to Entrepreneurs

Everyone has been speaking of the decrease in visitors to Bubblews, as well as its steadily falling Alexa rating and inability to pay its writers. Most individuals noted that a major pay decrease happened around August of 2014. You would imagine that at this time, Dixit would have been focusing on how he could satisfy his writers and keep his website afloat. Ironically, he was busy writing a rather lengthy blog post, instructing others on how they can keep their business growing.

Many times Dixit has made the comment that Bubblews is NOT 'all about the money'. That seems quite contradictory to his blog statement: "Focus on growing a business that makes money from the beginning, not after you’ve built something several years later."

Dixit's article can be viewed on the Innovation Insights website HERE.

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